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In Vetril Electronics Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture a variety of electronic components like magnetic wound components such as Transformers, Inductors, Chokes, Coils etc for Electronic Application. These Components have application in Consumer Electronics, Computers, Telecommunication, Defence, Power Electronics, Instrumentation etc.

Inductive Components are the most important in many electronics applications. At 'VETRIL' we offer the best solutions in these components. We constantly update our knowledge of design, materials, technology etc., to give you the latest inductive components. Inspection of incoming materials along with strict production and quality standards ensure uniform result. We are an ISO Certified Company.

We are in the manufacturing business for over four decades. We have developed many import substitution items for BHEL, BEL, GE, Indian Railways and other customers. Our name is well known in the electronics industry as component manufacturers. We have the most modern manufacturing facilities of international standards. Our quality standards are at par with the best. We have fully trained and highly skilled workforce.

Our aim is to give the latest products to our customers. We have our own R & D to design, develop and continuously improve the quality of our products. We have developed number of import substitutions for our customers. We have our own factory buildings at Peenya Industrial Area, a prestigious location at Bangalore. Our company is managed by technocrats who are highly qualified and have wide experience in manufacturing, marketing, administration etc.

Our Managing Director, Mr. S.K. Bajaj is a post graduate Engineer from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, administration etc. Our other Director, Mr. Vinod Bajaj is also an Engineer with honours having more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, administration etc.

Our Directors have very wide contacts in the industry and trade. We are members of various professional bodies and associations like ELCINA, ESC, CLIK, PIA, KASSIA, FKCCI etc. Our Managing Director is associated with various professional bodies and associations like Peenya Industries Association, Karnataka State Small Scale Industries Association, Karnataka Chamber of Commerce etc. He also held the position of President of PIA, vice President of KASSIA and various other prominent positions in these associations.



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